Small Kitchen Designs That Work!

No matter the size of your kitchen, if you’re looking to remodel, there’s plenty you can do even with a small space. Small kitchens, in fact, can prove to be most efficient and the limiting space can actually lead to a great deal of inspiration design-wise.

Small kitchen with Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights


Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

To help homeowners who are challenged for space, Kitchen Views has an on-going blog series that you can find on (Search for "small kitchen") about all the different ways you can use your small kitchen space innovatively and effectively.

Speaking of innovative, notice that the photo above shows VELUX® SUN TUNNEL™ skylights bringing more natural light into the small kitchen space. In addition, if you look closely you'll see there is an induction cooktop on the small island, another small kitchen recommendation.

Our designers enjoy the challenges of designing small kitchens, exceeding your expectations of what can be done in a small space. There are countless design options for cabinetry, countertop space, appliances, and hardware to make your small kitchen work just like you've always dreamed!

Redfin small kitchen

Tips for Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

April 20, 2020 by Lexi Klinkenberg

Originally Published on Redfin

What’s more frustrating than a cramped and cluttered kitchen? If even your love for cooking isn’t enough to make up for the lack of counter space and storage, leaving you rummaging through disorganized drawers and cabinets, we have a solution for you. We gathered tips from experts from Boston to Sacramento and everywhere in between to help you maximize storage in your small space. Read these tips to bring the joy back into your kitchen.

Choose quality over quantity

When meeting the challenge of limited space, we recommend an induction cooktop for both function and safety. This streamlined appliance is unobtrusive when you’re not cooking, making the best use of counter space, and as efficient as a traditional cooktop when preparing meals. – Kitchen Views

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Schrock Cabinetry tall pantry

Storage & Organization Solutions

Especially in a small kitchen, the most important aspect is to consider what tasks you want to accomplish and what storage is needed to support those tasks – general cooking, specialty baking, storage of ingredients, storage of special small appliances, etc.

Schrock Cabinetry provides many unique and versatile storage solutions. For example, look at the pantry option above. It allows for far more storage than you would expect from a three-foot wide space!

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